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Events in School

Anti-Bullying Week (07/11/16)

On Tuesday, we had a visit from Firehorse Productions who performed 'Sticks and Stones'. This was an anti-bullying show as part of our Anti-Bullying Week.

Year 6 Apprentice Day (29/02/16)

On Monday 29th February, Year 6 took part in a Rolls Royce Apprentice Activity Day. In the morning they made hovercraft, paper planes and bridges. The afternoon was spent taking part in a skipping challenge, a treasure hunt and then building a rocket. Year 6 had a great day and worked hard on their teamwork skills.

Sign 2 Sing! (03/02/16)

Today the whole school joined together to raise awareness for the deaf health charity Sign Health by performing the Sign 2 Sing song. This year's song was called Reach Out Your Hand. We had lots of fun learning the signs and words!) and then joining together to perform them as a school. For more information about Sign 2 Sing (and to see the song), please visit http://www.sign2sing.org.uk/

Swans Make Pizza (27/01/16)

Today Swans went to Pizza Express to make pizzas. First we took the bus to Irongate. Our slot was 9:30 and we were so excited! We had a trained chef to help us and we had to wear funny hats and plastic aprons. After we had made and shaped the dough, we put it in a pizza tray and rubbed passata all over the base. We sprinkled cheese on top and added some oregano and black pepper if we wanted to. The pizzas were put in the oven and then placed into pizza boxes for us to take home. We then did a little quiz all about pizza ingredients. After an amazing morning, we headed back to Ravensdale. We couldn’t wait to get home and try them!

Oreo Visits! (18/01/16)

On Monday 18th January, Year 5 had a fantastic visit from Oreo & Friends to introduce them to our new topic about biomes. The children had the opportunity to see and experience a wonderful selection of animals from around the world including: an armadillo, meerkats, Oreo (the Guardians of the Galaxy racoon), Palawan binturong, fennec fox, coati, skunk and many more. The children had the opportunity to hold and feed some of the animals and had a thoroughly enjoyable day!

Events in School - Autumn

Raven Visits (08/12/15)

Raven came to visit us in assembly. We heard all about how he was doing with his training and then we had chance to ask some questions. We were also joined by some extra special visitors. Do you recognise them?

Christmas Tree at St John's Church (27/11/15)

On 27th November, the 3 winners of Open the Book's Christmas decoration competition went down to St John's Church to decorate our Ravensdale tree as part of their Christmas Tree Festival. The boys had great fun decorating the tree with a range of entries from the competition, proving everyone was a winner! The rest of the children also enjoyed going and looking at our tree, as well as other ones from different Mickleover communities, when we all visited the church on 2nd December. A definite way to get us into the Christmas spirit!

Y5/6 Newstead Visit (30/11/15)

This term the Y5 and Y6 children have been on a visit to Newstead Abbey to look at how the Webb family would have celebrated Christmas in the Victorian times. We had a great day and did a wide range of activities. We made sugar mice, sweet and spicy bags, watched a story on the magic lantern, made shadow puppets and played with some Victorian toys.

Y3 Hedgehogs (09/10/15)

This term the Y3 children have been reading Dick King-Smith's The Hodgeheg and for all their hard work we've rewarded them with a special treat. This week Mr and Mrs McDonald from Hogs Haven brought in 2 of their rescued hedgehogs. The children were all given the chance to see them and asked lots of questions. This was a valuable experience as many children had never seen one before and we are very thankful to Hogs Haven.