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Letters 15-16:

Added 11/07/16: Sports Day Letter

Added 08/07/16: Year 6 Party Letter

Added 08/07/16: Year 6 Performance Letter

Added 04/07/16: Letter regarding the park (for all year groups)

Added 29/06/16: Dinners w/c 4th July 2016

Added 29/06/16: Summer Fair Letter (for all year groups)

Added 28/06/16: Strike Action Letter (for all year groups)

Added 28/06/16: Art Exhibition Letter (for all year groups)

Added 24/06/16: Y3 Overnight Sleepover letter 2016

Added 24/06/16: Y4 Trip to Lunt Letter

Added 05/05/16: Netball Letter - Dale

Added 05/05/16: Year 3/4 Tennis Letter

Added 05/05/16: Noel Baker Netball Tournament 2016 Letter

Added 28/04/16: Year 4 Trip Letter

Added 18/03/16: New Dinner Menu - Spring / Summer 2016

Added 17/03/16: Castleton October 16 Deposit Letter

Added 17/03/16: Shropshire September 16 Deposit Letter

Added 15/03/16: Letter from Mrs Z Cannon

Added 11/03/16: Chocolate Bingo Letter

Added 08/03/16: Quicksticks Hockey Festival Letter

Added 07/03/16: Year 6 (next year) France Meeting Letter

Added 07/03/16: Year 5 (next year) Manor Adventure Meeting Letter

Added 07/03/16: Year 4 (next year) Castleton Meeting Letter

Added 07/03/16: Year 6 Information Letter

Added 01/03/16: Letter About Mrs Mitchell

Added 01/03/16: Parents' Evening Letter

Added 15/01/16: Final Arrangements for France

Added 15/01/16: Valentine's Disco

Added 12/01/16: Swans - Pizza Express Visit

Added 06/01/16: Y5 Visitor Letter

Added 06/01/16: Sumdog Letter (Y5 Eagles)

Added 27/11/15: Christmas Gifts Letter

Added 26/11/15: Christmas Fair / Wear Anything Day Letter

Added 18/11/15: Christmas Production Ticket Request

Added 13/11/15: New Headteacher Letter

Added 09/11/15: French Trip - Meeting Letter

Added 09/11/15: Futsal Letter

Added 09/11/15: MacMillian Coffee Afternoon

Added 09/11/15: Christmas Lunch Letter

Added 04/11/15: Christmas Cards Letter

Added 04/11/15: Y5/6 Newstead Letter

Added 04/11/15: Y5/6 Newstead Clothes Examples

Added 04/11/15: Table Tennis Letter

Added 23/10/15: First Aid Club Letter

Added 14/10/15: Gymnastics Club Letter

Added 14/10/15: Mickleover Sports Fireworks Letter

Added 20/10/15: Lunch Allergens

Added 14/10/15: New Lunch Menu Letter

Added 13/10/15: Castleton Final Letter

Added 08/10/15: Parents' Evening Letter

Added 07/10/15: Football Tournament Letter

Added 06/10/15: Halloween Disco Letter

Added 05/10/15: Y6 Information Evening Letter

Added 24/09/15: Y5 Shropshire Final Letter

Added 24/09/15: Helen O'Grady Draw Letter

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