Meet the Team!

Ravensdale School Community
There are many teams of people who work at Ravensdale carrying out a range of roles including teaching, administration and pastoral care. Although it is not possible to list all staff, here are some of us.

Headteacher: Mrs Z Cannon School Business Manager: Mrs M Albutt
Deputy Headteacher: Miss G Roe Office Manager: Mrs M Lord
Assistant Head: Mrs D Hands Administration: Miss R Willis
SENCO: Miss S Hayford (SLT)
Teachers: Mrs T Crane (0.5) - Y3 Robins Learning Mentor: Mrs B Smith
Mrs N Hunt (0.5) - Y3 Robins Teaching Assistants: Miss B Adlington
  Mrs L Dimmick - Y3 Kingfishers Mrs A Blanchon
  Mr P Watts - Y3 Swifts Mrs K Wraith
  Mr D Mosinski (TLR) - Y4 Magpies Mrs D Needham
  Miss N Dunn - Y4 Woodpeckers Miss M Lodge
  Mrs A Brown (0.5) - Y4 Falcons Mrs E Brady
  Miss M Udall (0.5) - Y4 Falcons Mrs Y Bembridge
  Mr S Uttley - Y5 Eagles Mrs S Emery
  Mr A Kaushal- Y5 Buzzards Mrs R Deakin
  Miss S Hayford - Y5 Owls Mrs S Rigley
  Miss G Roe - Y5 Owls Mr R Thomas
  Mrs D Hands - Y6 Herons Miss S Hartley
  Miss K Florey - Y6 Flamingos Mrs Z Kininmonth
  Mrs C Oscroft - Y6 Swans Mr R Harrison
Site Manager: Mr C Stringer Lunchtime Staff: Mrs E Ogan (Lead M.S)
Caretaker: Mrs E Ogan Miss M Hall
ICT Technician: Mr R Eales Mrs J Hall
Catering Manager Mrs D Regan Mrs S Wise
Clerk to Governors: Mrs A Watts Mrs R Stubbs
Cleaning Staff: Mrs E Ogan Mrs L England
Mrs J Fern Miss L Davies
Mrs J Bayliss Mrs J Fern
Mr M Wass Mrs J Bayliss
Mrs J Tunnicliffe
Mrs T Gaskin

Management Structure at Ravensdale Junior