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Raven was born on the 12th June in the National Breeding Centre for Guide Dogs. Since then, he has moved to live with his puppy walker and has started on his Guide Dog training programme.

12 weeks

He has settled into his new home well and has been happily sleeping in his indoor kennel for up to seven hours each night. Raven has started with his toilet training and, apart from a few accidents, has been doing really well with this. He has even been well behaved during his recent visit to the vets!
Raven has started to learn his basic commands and has coped well with visits to a local supermarket and DIY store. At first, he was a little unsure about a trip in the car so his walker is putting a soft toy in for him to snuggle up to. It won't be long before he is having his first trip on a bus and a train.
When he is not in training, Raven loves to play with his toys and to run around the house in the evening, having a mad half hour before he settles down to sleep.

We are looking forward to having a visit from Raven soon. Keep checking back for updates.

If you would like more information about Guide Dogs, please visit their website - http://www.guidedogs.org.uk/

6 Months

Raven is now six months old so we have been in touch with his puppy walker to see how he is getting on.
She tells us that Raven is a playful, lively pup who is progressing well with his raining. Now that Raven is a little older, it won’t be long before he is fitted with his first puppy training jacket. This vital piece of kit will hopefully help Raven get used to wearing something on his back in preparation for wearing a harness later on in his training. It should also help to make the general public aware that Raven is a guide dog in training and shouldn’t be distracted when working.
One of the key skills that his trainer has been working on with Raven over the past few months is his recall when free running. Raven is now pretty good at coming back when called, although he does sometimes get distracted if other dogs are around. This is quite normal for a pup of Raven’s age; she will be working hard to try and increase his concentration levels over the coming months so that his recall becomes more reliable. Other things that Raven has now learnt include walking up and downstairs calmly (without pulling) and riding in lifts.
Since we last wrote to you, Raven has taken his maiden voyage on a bus and a train and we are pleased to say that he responded well to both of these experiences. We are told that he does sometimes bark when he is travelling, but hopefully he will grow out of this as he matures. During the recent firework season, his trainer was a little worried that Raven may be scared of the loud noises some fireworks make, but luckily Raven seemed unfazed. His trainer even had her own fireworks party which Raven attended without any problems.
Although Raven is usually a well behaved pup, he does have his occasional naughty moments. On one occasion, his trainer found him on top of his indoor kennel trying to get onto the nearby sofa. She said it looked as if he had got stuck so she had to help him down again. He also likes to take all the cushions off the sofa when she isn’t looking and play with them. The TV remote also used to be one of his favourite toys, but luckily he seems less interested in it now which is good to hear.
When in a busy town centre, Raven is usually very well behaved and follows instructions. The young pup recently attended a fundraising event where he had to stand and say hello to people for nearly an hour. He behaved excellently and he was quite happy meeting and greeting passers-by.

8 Months

10 Months

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