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The Use and Impact of Sports Premium at Ravensdale Junior School: 2015-16

Over 45% of our children accessed out of hours sports activities during this academic year.

At Ravensdale Junior we feel it is important to encourage pupils to lead healthy and active life styles. The Governors and Teaching Staff endorse a holistic approach to the development of sport and physical activity for all. We want to enhance the quality of teaching and learning of physical education at Ravensdale, making the best use of resources to enhance our PE provision in order to raise participation and achievement for all pupils.

All children are given the opportunity to compete in tournaments either with other schools, or as part of intra-school competitions.
Inclusion: Some activities may be subsidised so that pupils do not miss out due to financial constraints. All children benefit regardless of sporting ability. Competitions designed for children with SEND are accessed through the Derby City Schools Sports Partnership.
Partnerships: We make use of collaborative ways of working with our community and with the Derby City Sports Partnership
More- able pupils: We give children a variety of opportunities to discover their sporting strengths and ensure that our more able pupils have the opportunity to develop their talents.
Training: Staff access training opportunities and continued professional development.

Funding in 2015-16 was targeted to increase participation in sport by extending PE and Sport opportunities as follows:-

Providing places for pupils in after school sports clubs
A variety of sports clubs including football, netball, basketball, hockey, handball, table-tennis, dance, archery and gymnastic clubs were made available throughout the year. These were provided by staff within our own school and through external coaches, Premier Sports, Bilborough College, Y-Play and Dance Bites. The sports coaches provided all specialise in a range of sports.
All the sports clubs during the year were used effectively to develop skills and teamwork within the sports. Smaller clubs were also used in school time (Break and lunch-times) to practice for inter-school competitions.
We hired Yogabugs this year to target our Year 3 children in order to improve their core stability and develop their personal well-being.
For the year Mrs Crane and Mr Smith organised a large variety of intra school activities for any children to take part in during the school lunchtime (Football, Netball, Tag Rugby, Tennis and Rounder’s). These teams were organised and ran by the House Captains allowing the children opportunities for leadership and coaching.
The Sports Ambassadors meet every half term to evaluate the success and the development of the sporting activities we provide.

Increasing participation in school sport and setting up new after-school clubs.
A log is kept of all of the pupils that take part in the different activities during and after-school. This ensures that we can monitor participation in extra-curricular school sports. Each year we continue to strive to provide a wider variety of sports to encompass the sporting interests of all learners across the school. The School Council and Sports Ambassadors recommend sports that they want to see included. We had over 45% participation, accessing activities out of school hours. We have had 19% of Year 3 children, 27% of Year 4 children, 48% of Year 5 children and 43% of Year 6 children taking part in various competitions throughout year.

Monitoring and observing sessions
The PE co-ordinator observed some of the sports coaches to ensure high standards and expertise in teaching and developing skills across the range of sports in extra-curricular activities. All members of teaching staff are audited on a yearly basis to ensure the upskilling of staff to increase and enhance knowledge and high quality lesson delivery.

Providing opportunities for children to compete (i.e. in tournaments and fixtures between the local and city primary schools)
The school has worked hard to ensure we are accessing plenty of opportunities for children to compete in competition with their peers. We are members of the Football and Netball leagues for the city. We are also affiliated to Derby City Sports Partnership, which provides a wealth of opportunities for competition. This has provided learners with an opportunity to take part in healthy, competitive sport, which has raised enthusiasm in various sports. Sports Premium funding was used to provide transport and supply costs for teachers to attend these inter-school events.

The purchase of sporting equipment and resources
Both Sainsbury’s vouchers and sports funding was utilised to boost and enhance our school resources throughout the school e.g. The ropes in our hall needed replacing due to wear and tear, SEN tennis equipment, tri-golf equipment, gymnastic mats etc.

Setting up and running new after school sports club: Eg Archery, Gymnastics, Fencing and Handball.

Continued Professional Development (CPD) and curriculum delivery support for an additional new Co-ordinator and other members of staff. This includes attendance at local cluster updates, network opportunities and subject leader meetings.

Quality lunchtime supervision of games activities:
Mrs Crane has helped to run daily lunch-time sports activities and challenges for any children who want to improve their physical skills.
Mrs Crane also coaches junior children to act as lunchtime Explorers to lead opportunities for both general skills and up and coming competitions.
We are working hard to keep our Gold Standard achieved last year through the Sainsbury’s School Games Mark.

Who is responsible for managing this and delivering a quality sports and P.E programme?
Mrs Crane and Miss Day ensure that the PE curriculum is fit for purpose and matched to the needs of our pupils. The pupils in KS2 take part in 2 hours of physical activity each week working through a challenging curriculum appropriate for all abilities. In addition to this, individual class teachers work during a 20 minute Daily Physical Activity, to help boost and sustain children’s concentration during the long afternoon session.
This year we are trialling a Ravensdale Running Challenge, where children will be given the opportunity to run a mile (or more) within the school grounds.

Assessment in PE:
We are currently developing an assessment tracker to show progress in each area of the PE curriculum. This will help both coach and teacher knowledge to show PE Attainment, Progress and Next Steps.

How we will monitor the impact of 2016-17 funding:
The school monitors both the physical development and engagement levels of pupils through:-

• Teacher observation, assessment of PE and quality assurance measures.
• Pupil attendance and maximum take-up at school sports Clubs
• School council, Sports Ambassadors and pupil voice
• Participation and achievement in school sporting events
• Improved attitudes, well-being and raised self esteem
• Improved behaviour at Lunch-time of pupils actively engaging in sport
• Parent feedback: questionnaire informing school of future developments and opportunities
• Celebration Assembly, Certificates and Sports Star of the Month Display.

The school will maximise opportunities for both in school and out of school sporting competitions. The results of the competitions will be shared via the website & school newsletter.