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On this page, you will find information about the aims, values and ethos of the school

Our School Ethos

Ours is a happy school where children are well cared for, encouraged and supported to achieve their best and develop the skills necessary to be independent learners. Our ethos is underpinned by our RAVENS attitudes; you and your children will quickly become familiar with these!

Our RAVENS are:

Our School Aims

At Ravensdale Junior School, we aim to:

• Provide an atmosphere in which children feel happy and secure where there is a strong and consistent expectation of good behaviour, positive attitude, mutual respect, trust and honesty,
• Enable each individual child to develop the life-long skills necessary for an ever changing world and the positive attitude to allow their full potential to be reached,
• Continually develop an increasingly enriched and exciting curriculum within an inclusive learning community,
• Embrace and value contributions made by our children, promoting self-esteem and enabling them to develop into respected members of society,
• Develop meaningful partnerships with parents/carers and other members of our community.
• Personalise learning to cater for individual needs and styles, helping to develop independence, co-operation and lively, enquiring minds,
• Enable children to acquire moral values and respect for others’ culture, background and religious beliefs

All staff at Ravensdale are committed to helping pupils achieve high educational standards within a caring and positive environment. We regularly review all material relating to the curriculum to ensure equal educational experiences for both girls and boys and children from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

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