Welcome to Ravensdale Junior School - IT Support Service for schools.

From 2018, we have been proud to offer our IT support services to other schools, bringing a wealth of experience - including 15 years in the Education IT technology field, (including multi school-support), with additional and extensive experience in the international hospitality and retail sectors.

We like to think we are different because we offer a more personal and tailored support service - offered by a school, for schools - Because we understand your needs.

After our first highly successful few years offering IT, network, broadband and Voice Over Internet support services to Primary, Junior, Infant and Nursery schools in Derby City and Derbyshire, we are now able to offer extra services and benefits to more schools wishing to make their life easier, progress and maximise their IT budget.

Our school-friendly services all begin with an informal and free consultation visit from our highly respected IT and Network manager, with no geek-speak and a full and documented review of where you are and where you wish to be – No commitment and no pressure sales, just one school talking to another.

Just a suggestion - Why not use this chat as an opportunity to take stock and get an alternate professional view - You might be pleasantly surprised!

Support is available in full day and half day segments, every week or second week or month - We also offer a special remote support package with onsite support only when necessary. We can supply the time you need while maintaining close contact everyday.

Please contact us for more details, to arrange a free consultation, or to request a sample Service Level Agreement.